About Us

Today, the largest transportation company in the world owns no cars (Uber), the largest hospitality company on the face of the planet owns no hotels (AirBnB), the largest retailer carries no stock (Alibaba), and the world’s most popular media network creates no content (Facebook). Clearly, we are living in a time of radical change. Why should internet infrastructure be any different?

The EHI Advantage

Unlike 99.99% of Blockchain start-ups and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the Titanium Core Team is not composed of relative newcomers to technology. In stark contrast, the Titanium Core Team has over two-hundred (200) years of combined experience. This is also not the first technology company that Titanium’s Founder and CEO, Michael Stollaire, has ever formed. In 1999, Mr. Stollaire founded EHI, a technology consultancy specializing in enterprise infrastructure management.

EHI and its consultants are known in the industry as top-tier, elite personnel, as shown by their impressive Client List and Testimonials.

Most Blockchain start-ups and ICOs face a very serious problem after they develop a viable product and or service: finding companies and people that will actually purchase them and use them.

Titanium will not have this problem. As EHI’s sister company, Titanium will simply inherit EHI’s clientele, and since EHI is considered a trusted source of excellent customer service and personnel, Titanium will also be held in high regard.

What follows is a short excerpt of some of EHI’s customers, which Titanium will leverage immediately:

As you can see, the Titanium project had a huge advantage over other Blockchain start-ups and ICOs, before anyone on the Titanium Team ever lifted a finger.

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