Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)™

Beneath the surface of the Titanium Infrastructure there will be an entire suite of services that will change the computing world. Central to this effort is the desire to help users create a truly private computing environment. This can be achieved through BYOC.

People can join the BYOC secure computing environment by contributing hashpower to the network. BYOC is based on a PoW ERC20 token which generates an ever-changing hash for communications encryption. When a user joins, they will be connected to a service that will download an open source Linux VPN application. Users can opt to use their own cryptocurrency miner as long as it meets the minimum requirements for OS platform, CPU, RAM, etc. Alternatively, of course, one of the many virtual miner emulation choices available via the MIaaS TBIS offering could be leveraged. Please note that the BYOC service can be used for many other functions, such as webservers, file servers, etc. A cryptocurrency mining device is only be used as an example. TBIS will provide a Centos Linux OS ISO image which has a special kick-start function, to bring the device online and initiates a minimum amount of hashing on the local GPU. At this point, the kickstart server can deploy to any server/device you connect in your private cloud environment. For mining hardware, BYOC will facilitate high-end servers being used as cryptocurrency miners.

For an ultra-secure computing environment, users can join the TBIS Instaminer Network. Based on micro-computers, which can be acquired from TBIS, a security context with the peer-to-peer blockchain can be established. If someone attempts to add a device via a method that does not include the TBIS micro-computers, the device will not be allowed to communicate on the network. The TBIS micro-computer will have an open VPN for security and will be able to deploy images to servers and miners in the local environment. Once the security context is established, files beyond the vanilla Centos OS will be obtained via our own git repository and docker swarm infrastructure. In short, the use of the TBIS micro-computer will make setting miners and servers up completely automated.