Desktop as a Service(DaaS):

The creation of a distributed internet infrastructure also makes it possible to host entire user computers on the Titanium Cloud. Using the custom designed ultra-light TitaniumOS, TBIS users will be able to access their entire computer from any publicly available terminal or smartphone. Through navigating to their personal encrypted Titanium Desktop, they will be able to use their computer just as they would use any website. Titanium Virtualization Technologies will protect their data, ensure uptime and reliability, and make viruses and targeted attacks a thing of the past through implementation of the Titanium Hydra Fault Tolerance Suite.

Leveraging state-of-the-art SHAKE256 Titanium Sponge Cryptographic Techniques, the user’s files and TitaniumOS will be future-proof encrypted and yet will remain accessible to the user with the Titanium Key. This will combine ultimate encryption and security while also allowing for ease of access.