Titanium’s Instant Ico Incubator (III)™

At TBIS, we know how hard it can be to get everything together for a token launch. If you have a brilliant technical idea, but need the marketing and organizational backing to bring it to life, the Titanium Instant ICO Incubator™ will take the guesswork out your token launch through providing end-to-end launch services. Also, a Titanium Clad Accreditation  will be created and granted to ICOs that have undergone a deep-dive due diligence by Titanium personnel. There will be no guesswork, as to which ICOs are credible and primed for investment. For instance, where these accreditations are supported, Titanium will require our ICOs to have both a Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Duns & Bradstreet accreditation. Titanium does all the work for you, so your investments are as safe as possible.

The over-arching goal of Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services is to provide the capability for virtualization of equipment, running the gamut from simple routers, to specialized equipment such as cryptocurrency miners. Through virtualization, TBIS will be able to help guarantee that your equipment will stay updated, patched, and ready to function to protect the interests of your business.

For example, in order to remove the hazards associated with new technology being introduced that makes current mining rigs obsolete. With TBIS IaaS, you would simply run a wizard in our UI to replace a GPU-based mining rig with an ASIC mining device. When new ASIC boards are released that are more energy efficient and have a significantly greater hashing rate, the virtual boards can be upgraded, etc., by drawing on our global network of computing power.